Looking for a warm conservatory roof in Burton on Trent?

SPH Roofing are a professional roofing company in Burton on Trent. We specialise in conservatory warm roof installations in Burton on Trent, roof repairs in Burton on Trent and new roof installations in Burton on Trent and surrounding areas. When installing conservatory pitched roofs in Burton on Trent, we take pride in our work ensuring your new warm conservatory roof looks good whilst keeping you warm and safe from the elements in the winter and cool in the summer.

What roofing services do we offer in Burton on Trent?

SPH Roofing deal with all aspects of Conservatory roofing, including:

  • Tiled Conservatory Roofs
  • Slate Conservatory Roofs
  • Pitched Conservatory Roofs
  • Solid Conservatory Roofs
  • Conservatory Warm Roofs
  • Insulated Conservatory Roof
  • Conservatory Roof Replacement
  • Repairing Conservatory Roofs
  • Conservatory Too Hot
  • Conservatory Too Cold
  • New Conservatory Roof
  • Conservatory Roof Consultation

What are the Key Benefits to having a Warm Conservatory Roof in Burton on Trent?

Conservatory Warm Roof Styles In Burton on Trent


Lean to conservatory Burton on Trent

The Lean-To is ideal to maximise space at the back of the house. The ends can either have one or two hips (slopes). It is ideal for kitchen extensions and can go as low as 15 Degrees with roof windows. 

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Edwardian Conservatory in Burton on Trent

The classic shape. Together with attractive roof windows, the Edwardian Conservatory Roof is the traditional and classical look with fantastic styling, convenience and maximise the room space.

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victorian conservatory in Burton on Trent

The Victorian Conservatory offers contemporary styling for your home and gives you more options in relation to door positions. The roof is a 3-facet design and gives an attractive alternative.

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Gable Ended 

Gabel Ended conservatory Burton on Trent

The gable ended main feature is its continuous height it brings to the room owing to its long ridge down the centre. The gable also allows you to get the most from your roof windows, giving you a light and airy space.

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combination conservatory roof in FitySC

Increase your options with a combination Sunroom. A P-Shape simply combines the benefits of two different styles to maximise your living environment. The combination can also come in what you call a T-shape. As individual as you are.

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Double Head

double head conservatory in Burton on Trent

The ideal solution for your old lean to conservatory, which you now want to use as a fully functioning room. These type of roofs look great, are easily maintained and are great for Bungalows when a lean-to will not work.

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Not Just Warm Conservatory Roofs, Not Just Burton on Trent

SPH Roofing's expert roofers have vigorous training programmes to keep upto date with all the latest standards required with conservatory tiled roofs, conservatory slate roofs and conservatory lead roofs installation in Burton on Trent. We also specialise in:

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