Storm Damage And Insurance Claims In Derby

Every year especially in recent years winds can get up to over 100 mph combined with torrential rain usually in autumn and winter, sometimes even in summer. 

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In the cold winter of 2013, The Derby Telegraph reported winds were recorded at 108 mph.

Depending on which direction gusts of wind come from your roof can be damaged but surrounding roofs left unscathed.  This damage can also occur to PVC’s fascias and guttering. This type of damage is not covered by Company Guarantees and that’s when you need to look out your Building Insurance Polices and inform your insurance company you have had storm damage to your property. 

No roof is built to withstand such conditions, gusty winds can cause damage to old and brand new roofs. After all if a heavy goods lorry can be blown on it’s side in these conditions what chance does a roof have?

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Here's some pointers if you have storm damage

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