Lead roof in Derby ?

For over 20 years SPH roofing has specialised in lead work for a wide range of customers in Derby. Our skilled craftsmen have the training and experience to ensure we complete your lead work to the highest standard.Roof Lead Work

Lead work is a craft, a skill and a specialist roofing service that SPH Roofing have been fine-tuning for more than 20 years. Mainly used in churches and listed buildings it is also used on chimney stacks and bay roofs. Thinner quality lead work that used to be installed in the past, can slowly wear away causing sudden leaks.

SPH roofing have all the specialist skills and experience to manage and maintain the lead work on your roof this includes

As part of SPH Roofing's commercial services we will assess such things as:

Whether to repair or renew a commercial lead roof can also be influenced by other factors.

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Lead Roof Tips

Use plastic or wooden tools to clear snow as this will prevent damage to lead work.

Abutments are the most vulnerable areas of the building fabric and usually occur where one part of the building meets another. Usually lead or zinc flashings are used to protect the joint from the weather. Inspect flashings to check that they are in good condition, without holes or splits.